Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ur Not In Fashion, that's why we're here

Like so many great Los Angeles stories, that of UNIF Clothing begins with a group of possibly inebriated friends riding down Hollywood Boulevard on a hot Friday night. The denizens of the legendary sparkling street are, as usual, yelling randomly at passing vehicles. Out of this particular car’s back window a young artist leans out and jokingly screams back to his vocal harassers, who are dressed no doubt in head-to-toe clich├ęs, a sarcastic wake-up call: “Ur not in fashion!!”

The screamer’s name was Eric Espinoza, and it was shortly after this night that he found himself in his backyard, “hand-dyeing, hand-sewing, and hand-screen-printing everything.” He was also quickly realizing that his artistic endeavor, which had leapt out of boredom and a love for making cool clothes for himself and his friends, was growing into something much, much bigger. 

And UNIF Clothing was born. 

Here are some outstanding pieces from their SS11 Look Book.

For more on UNIF, click here.

Limited styles from UNIF will be stocked on www.materialattention.com, follow us on facebook or our blog to keep up to date with our launch.